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Posted on Thu Jul 21, 2022 By ben (US)

i was able to get this to work in the latest version of filezilla by going into edit > settings, selecting connection in the file tree and changing the minimum allowed tls version it was set to and i lowered it until it connected obviously not ideal to be using an old version of tls, but that means the server needs to be upgraded and not the fault of the client hope this helps someone else in the same situation

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Posted on Thu Sep 22, 2022 By jon (US)

this worked for methank you! i had to lower it to tls

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Posted on Thu Jun 17, 2021 By coreyv (CA)

unfortunately didn't work for me

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Posted on Tue Sep 23, 2014 By Anonymous

the information about port 3390 is incorrect. some examples use that port as a port forward example, but that\'s dependant upon site-specific config and is not part of rdp at all.

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Posted on Mon Aug 15, 2022 By y @ poutinetk (CA)


huh? 356? i am now on !!
i am not going to downgrade like this! downgrading is usually a #angry#poor solution!
i suppose i shall to seek help elsewhere!
i am busy trying to run my restaurantbar

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Posted on Wed Oct 14, 2015 By Stealth

Quiz was too easy...

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Posted on Tue Jun 21, 2022 By marc (GB)

it's not good when you need to revert to an old version to have something work

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Posted on Tue Aug 21, 2018 By zzbottom

clean and simple

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Posted on Sun May 15, 2022 By torahtechs (US)


kudos i had xampp for over a year now, and learning php always was wondering what it had meant! you're such a genius !

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Posted on Sat Sep 21, 2013 By [SOLVED]

Here's what worked for me:

"Can't open UDP socket" was caused by snmp. Disable snmp server with:
no snmp-server

I had another alert, "sys-5-config_i: configured from console by console"
Disable logging, as you're the only one one the switch:
no logging console

NOTE both of these commands will need to be run from global config mode:
sw#conf t
sw (config)#no snmp-server
sw (config)#no logging console

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