how I made this app ran:
$ git clone --depth=1 Auth3

1. Signup with supabase:
2. Create a project.
3. Get the url and API key
4. go to SQL Editor and add this SQL Query:

-- Create a table for Public Profiles
create table profiles (
  id uuid references auth.users not null,
  updated_at timestamp with time zone,
  username text unique,
  avatar_url text,
  website text,

  primary key (id),
  constraint username_length check (char_length(username) >= 3)

alter table profiles enable row level security;

create policy "Public profiles are viewable by everyone."
  on profiles for select
  using ( true );

create policy "Users can insert their own profile."
  on profiles for insert
  with check ( auth.uid() = id );

create policy "Users can update own profile."
  on profiles for update
  using ( auth.uid() = id );

-- Set up Realtime!
  drop publication if exists supabase_realtime;
  create publication supabase_realtime;
alter publication supabase_realtime add table profiles;

-- Set up Storage!
insert into storage.buckets (id, name)
values ('avatars', 'avatars');

create policy "Avatar images are publicly accessible."
  on storage.objects for select
  using ( bucket_id = 'avatars' );

create policy "Anyone can upload an avatar."
  on storage.objects for insert
  with check ( bucket_id = 'avatars' );

5. create .env file
$ touch .env
ADD THIS to env:

REACT_APP_SUPABASE_URL = "https://[xxxxx]"

5. $ ionic serve

SOurce:  /g/xampp8/htdocs/laravel/StudentTodo/IONIC/Auth3 (main)