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today Webune is going to show you how you can code your HTML to make the text capitalized. capitalizing your letters is easy using HTML and CSS.

lets say for example i have this sentence:

webune has excellent support

but i want it to look like this without me having to edit the sentence

Webune Has Excellent Support

as you can see, i want each word to be in capital letters well, to capitalize automatically with HTML codes, you can use CSS, like this for example:

<div style="text-transform: capitalize; ">webune has excellent support</div>

webune has excellent support

there are many Html Codes and Html Codes For Text using Html Color Codesb but they are not as Cool Html Codes, there are some Html Codes For Songs, and Html Code Scrolling Text. once you get good at it, you can use it on Myspace Html Codes but you have to have a Html Color Code Chart. so try it for yourself on your html pages, you will see each word will be in capital fonts..


Webune Support Team