TypeError: dbg is undefined

are you getting this error on your firebug console?

TypeError: dbg is undefined

i started to see this error on my firefox firebug on some of my angularJS scripts when i updated my firefox to version 50.02

i kept seeing this error and i thought everytime my scripts wouldnt work it was because of TypeError: dbg is undefined.. but it turns out its not a script error, but a firebug bug.. (if that makes sense)

anyways, to fix this, i had to research online, so i am posting here just in case any one using our scripts gets this error thinking there is an error on the web application.

how to fix TypeError: dbg is undefined

most likely, if you are seeing this error you installed firebug a long time ago, you will need do the following..
I was using a windows 10 PC, so look for this folder:


so navigate to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\
NOTE: [USERNAME] is whatever your username is

go in to the .default profile and in the [XXXX].default profile, you will find a folder called 'firebug', rename it to firebugOld

close and reopen firefox, try again, and you will see the error will not show up again.

IMPORTANT: Firebug Not Maintained

Please note that the Firebug extension is no longer being developed or maintained. You should use Firefox DevTools instead, which comes with Firebug already
This means that the new firefox version does no longer support firebug and there are no new updates for firebug.

Its is our recommendation that you stop using firebug.. I know right!!! I loved using firebug, slowly i am getting used to using Firefox DevTools, you can use Firefox DevTools by hitting: Control + Shift + I

I would advise you to start using Firefox DevTools because Chrome uses a similar tool. Firefox DevTools offer all the utilities that firebug did.

Good bye FireBug!