error token mismatch

I was working on a project and i need to run my local server because there was a database which needed to be access during the script run time.

i launched my xampp on my windows 10 pc, when i started xampp, everything worked find, except when i started to run phpmyadmin.

i tried to access the databases and thats when i got this error, error token mismatch, i had no idea what to do, i had never seen this error before.

the first action was to google it. so i did, i found the first page pointing to

i read the answers, and the most common solution was to edit php.ini file and uncomment ;session.save_path = /tmp'

however, i didnt want to change my session.save_path because it was already set by xampp system when i installed it. then i got thinking, maybe there's a file in my /tmp folder which is causing this.

How I Fixed it

i stopped xampp and went to the /tmp folder and found a bunch of files with .tmp extension, there was alos this big file called: sess_b3h99h3mpa08tacgb99v63l0415kq8t8

and thats it,, the file sess_b3h99h3mpa08tacgb99v63l0415kq8t8 was causing the problems, when i deleted it and restarted xampp, i went to my phpmyadmin and no more errors.

done. hope this helps anyone here