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QUESTION: How Do You Transfer Domains Between Hosting Companies?

EXAMPLE: Currently have one domain name with netfirms, and i want to transfer to godaddy.com

ANSWER: to transfer domains between registrars can be tricky, follow these general steps:

1. Login to your Netfirms control panel and go to the domain names section.

2. Select the domain name you want to tranfer

3. Check to see if the domain is in "UNLOCK" status. If the status of the domain is "LOCK" you will not be able to transfer the domain. anytime you want to transfer a domain name, for security purposes, it must be in "UNLOCK" status, so change it to "UNLOCK"

4. Now that you checked the domain name is in "UNLOCK" status, the next step is to get the transfer code. Every registrar should provide you with a transfer code. look for it in the domain account. sometimes, you can generate this code in you domain name account. as you can see from the picture below, mine says: Authorization Code. so when i click on the Authorization Code, it will send me the code to my email:

5. ok, now that you have your domain UNLOCKED and you have the transfer code, its time to buy the domain name from the other registar, in continuing from my example, i am going to go to godaddy.com, under the Domains menu select "Transfer Domain"

6. Once you have completed the purchase from godaddy, you will get an email from goaddy to go to their website and complete the transfer. in the website, it will ask you for the codes godaddy sent you in the email and the transfer code you got from step 4

7. after you have completed step 6, goaddy will send a transfer request to netfirms. and inturn, netfirms will send you and email confirming that you do want to transfer the domain name. in the email, it will include a link where you need to go to complete the transfer. NOTE: this email will include some codes, so be sure to note them, so when you go to their website, you can put them in the form.

8. once you have completed all these steps, you will get an email from goaddy notifying you that you domain name has been completed.

9. now login to your godaddy account and make sure to change the status of your domain to "LOCK", this way, no one can steal your domain name