How do you insert text with apostrophe into a mysql table? I am using PHP and MySQL table to insert data into my database, but when i submit the HTML form, it works except the problem happens when i try to enter the apostrophe (') charater into the SQL database. so how do i dela with insterting apostrophe's characters.

i have tried all the tricks, but none seem to work. although, i must say that i am new to php and mysql so if you can show me how to sql insert string apostrophe using php mysql to insert apostrophe that would be great. i will try to learn more about sql server and how to insert apostrophes. i do have a little expirience in oracle sql insertion but never run into a problem with apostrophe, only with quotes, i did but i was able to use the htmlentities() function, and that worked. but now its the sql insert with apostrophe issue.

please help