Without an operating system you would not be able to use your computer.

the OS provides a way you work with a computer system. it sends your commands to the program, then the programs make use of the CPU and memory in your computer. then it communicate the output of the programs back to you using the monitor screen. the OS also keeps the all of the different programs processes running while the computer is powered on.

the main function of the OS is to interact with all the hardware elements of your computer. therefore, it must have the appropriate device drivers for the hardware to work with the software and the software to work with the hardware.

what does this all mean in plain simple English? basically what this means is in order for you to use the physical parts of your computer. you need the operating system to make all those components in your computer work. by physical components i mean like the computer's hard drive. and the memory

the operating system is the middle man between you and your hardware.

some examples of hardware are: laptops. cell phones... did u know that even things like your tv, car, dvd player to name a few require an operating system to work with humans..

so an operating system is software to operate a hardware system.

if you still have questions. ask and i will answer them for you