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Today we are going to show you a way to make the symbolic links show your FTP client.

Many of our customers use FTP to manage their files on their websites, so its only natural for Webune to write this procedure on how to display the symbolic links on your FTP Client.

in this example, we are going to be using WSFTP-Pro.

1. open your ws_ftp program. [we will be using Windows XP]
2. connect to your website
3. use the File Mask Text Box to enter UNIX command. for example, to show all files in UNIX you use -la so you can use this command to show symbolic links:

File Mask Text Box
The File Mask text box is located just below the MkDir button; it displays as a blank rectangle. It allows you to view a subset of the files on either the Local System or Remote Site; this is handy if there are a large number of files and folders.

In the File Mask text box, enter a filter that is valid for the system, and then press Enter. For example, to display only files with the extension .txt, enter *.txt in the File Mask text box and press Enter. The corresponding list box is refreshed to display only the files with the extension .txt.

If you are connected to a UNIX FTP site, you can use:

-al or -la in the File Mask text box on the Remote Site side of the window to view hidden (.) files

if you are not sure where to find the File Mask Text Box, look the the following picture for the location: