To start a SSH session to a GCP LInux VM with Putty, follow these steps:

Example, VM contains Hestia Control Panel and a user edwin was created in Hestia.

  1. Generate a new key with Putty Key Generator by click on each of the following steps in that order.
    NOTE: the username and password should match the Hestia user
    File Location: : G:\Program Files\winscp\PuTTY\
  2. You should have a public and a private key.
  3. Login to Google Cloud Console Compute:
  4. Select VM from the menu on the right to view all your VM for your project
  5. Example:
  6. On the top menu, click on EDIT
  7. Scroll down to the SSH Keys section
  8. click on + Add Item
  9. Copyand paste the public key from Putty Key Generator from step 1 image. Red Number 6
  10. Click Save
  11. Open Putty.
  12. Copy and paste the public IP address into the Hostname
  13. Go to Connection > SSH > Auth > Credentials
    Source: G:\Program Files\winscp\keys\Hestia-SSH
  14. Add the private key you generated from step 1
  15. Click on Connect in Putty
  16. Terminal will open. Use the login user and password you provided from step 1. Image steps 2 and 3
  17. Done