if you are familiar with PHP, there is a function called htmlentities and htmlspecialchars()

well, in ASP.NET there is a similar object you can use to change HTML code into text instead of the actual code, its called Sever.HTMLEncode()

for example, let say i want to show this on my HTML:

Dim HTMLString
Dim CleanedHTML

HTMLString = "These are bold letters using the <strong> tag"
CleanedHTML = Server.HTMLEncode(HTMLString)

Response.Write CleanedHTML

the output will look like this:

These are bold letters using the <strong> tag

if you ever do need to show the actual HTML code into your HTML pages or ASP scripts, you must use the HTMLEncode method fo the Server object. The HTMLEncode method of the server object allows you to encode the HTML string so that when it is displayed in the browser the browser does not interpret the HTML code as instructions for text layout instead as actual text on the web page.. hope that helps