Today I have started a project to add recorded reply comments with voice. Also found that you can leave comment in video. that would be cool? This will be the future. leaving comments in voice rather than texting. and you can take it even further by leaving video comments about the article.

MYWON: http://localhost/opensource/RECORD/COMMENTS/5-simple-recorderjs-demo/myown/
you can also find more information at: http://localhost/opensource/RECORD/COMMENTS/
'1 -GitHub - mattdiamondRecorderjs A plugin for recordingexporting the output of Web Audio API nodes.URL'
'1-RecorderJs - LOCALHOST.URL'
'1-Recorderjs-CHROME ONLY'
'2-Web dictaphone - LOCALHOST.URL'
'2-web-dictaphone GitHub - mdnweb-dictaphone A sample MDN app that uses getUserMedia and MediaRecorder API for recording audio snippets, and T.URL'
'3-MediaRecorder API - Sample.URL'
'3-MediaRecorder VIDEO - LOCALHOST.URL'
'4-Audio Recorder'
'4-Audio Recorder.URL'
'5-Using Recorder.js to capture WAV audio in HTML5 and upload it to your server or download locally.URL'
'Audio Recorder - LOCALHOST.URL'
'Capturing Audio & Video in HTML5 - HTML5 Rocks.URL'
'Recording Audio from the User    Web Fundamentals    Google Developers.URL'
'javascript - HTML5 record audio to file - Stack Overflow.URL'