Increase Disk Space in a Virtual Box Machine.

Today I will show you how the steps to increase disk space capacity for any of your Virtual Box machines.

Today I got an error on my Ubuntu Linux Virtual machine, it said: Low disk space on "filesystem root" The volume "filesystem root" has only 683MB disk space remaining.

  1. Power off your virtual machine
  2. To increase simply go to your Oracle VM Virtualbox manager
  3. go to file > Virtual media manager or Control + D
  4. Go to the Properties tab
  5. Select the Virtual Machine you want to increase or decrease the disk size
  6. A the bottom, you will see a slider title "Size" you can increase or decrease as desired
  7. Start your virtual machine and wait after it has comleted booting
  8. Open a command terminal and send this command to confirm the disk size
  9. df -Th
  10. sudo fdisk -l

NOTE: This feature is only available for .vdi files and VirtualBox 6 or above.

Hope that helps.