if you want to become a fast coder and impress your coworkers, try these really helpful shortcuts i created. You will find them very helpful because you can become more productive in doing your work. As a web developer you always try to save time with any tools, well these are the best tools you will come across.

Windows Key Short Cuts

These is a list of the keyboard shortcuts you can use with the windows key. If you have a US bases keyboard, this is the key next to the alt key. Some keyboards have the windows logo. This is how you can tell if you have the windows key on your keyboard. It provides very useful shortcuts you can try. Most of these shorcuts were try on my windows 10 professional computer so lets try them:

Win + Ctrl + D [Virtual Desktops]
Win + Ctrl + Arrow [Swtich Desktops]
Win + M [Minimize All Apps]
Win + 1-9 [Taskbar apps]
Win + Left/Right Arrow [2 Apps split screen]
Win + E  [Open File Explorer]
Win + + or - [Magnifier App]
Win + A [Notifications Bar]
Win + X [Secret Windows Menu]
Win + I [Windows Settings]
Win + V [ClipBoard]
Win + F [Feedback (give)]
Win + G [ Gamebar ]
Win + H [ Speech Dictation ]
Win + K [ BLUETOOTH Connections]
Win + H [ Speech Dictation ]
Win + L [ Lock Desktop]
Win + B [ Taskbar Active Icons  ]
Win + N [ Desktop Icons ]
Win + Print Screen [Snapshot of App]

ALT Key shortcuts

The ALT key stand for for "Alternate" and it provides hidden features in applications. You can use the alt key to perform certain functions specific to a program application. Usually you will see a consitant pattern among applications they tend to use the same alt key shortcuts, for example, the most popular short cut that includes the alt key is the alt+f4 to close a program, this goes way back to the windows 98 version, so its been available for a long time and you probably already knew this keyboard short cut.

ALT ======================
Alt + Tab [Switch between apps]
Alt + Arrow [Back and Forward Browsing]
Alt + P [Preview Files in File Explorer]
Alt + Double Click [File Properties]

Control Key shortcuts

Ctrl ======================
Ctrl + Shift+ ESC [Show Task Manager]
Ctrl + Shift+ N  [Create New Folder]
Ctrl + Shift+ S  [Screen Clipping]

Ctrl + ESC [Same as WIN key ]
Ctrl + E [Search Bar] Explorer and Browser

Mouse and Key shortcuts

MOUSE ======================
Mouse Hold Window and Shake to minimize ALL but one window.

D + Right click on the task bar to cascade all opened apps
U +  Right click on the task bar to UNcascade all opened apps

Windows Office Key shortcuts

OFFICE: ======================
Ctrl + F6 [cycle between word or excel only]
Ctrl +W [close the excel sheet but not excel app]
W + RIGHT CLICK [create new office file]

GODMODE: create a new folder and rename it to:

Steps recorder
MRT (Malicious Removal Tool)
Memory Diagnostic

Ctrl + T [New Tab]
Ctrl + Shift+ Tab [Restore old tab]

Applications to help with Key shortcuts

RECUVA.com [recover deleted files]
Davinci Resolve [video editor]
Specci [shows computer specs]
Bulk rename utility

Well, these are my notes I use as a cheat sheet for windows keyboard short cuts, if you have any that i miss please let me know in the comments below. hope this helps!