I was having some problems viewing my Facebook profile last night when I was at work. Usually our boss lets us use Facebook, twitter, Instragram, Reddit etc. without any problems.
Recently we got a new IT manager and he is very weary of security which is not a bad thing.

Today when I came to work, there was an announcement that effective immediately, Facebook will not be allowed to go through the firewall.

So wen I go tot my desk, I tried several times to access my profile but the page would not load. so i though. OK, I'll just open the port number.

After researching, I found out that Facebook does NOT use port 80 anymore, HTTP port was open in our firewall, but port 443 was blocked.

The new Facebook port now is 443 for HTTPS Secured !

There is a lot of disappointed people at work right now. I think we are going to be more productive from now!