Welcome to Webune Forums. Today we are going to explain something that many people ask.. What is a driver? and how it is used in a computer, and most of all, what the heck is a driver?

well, in the simplest form, a driver is software that is the middle man between your computer's software and hardware.

you see, software, is something logical(virtual) in your computer its not something physical, meaning, its not something you can see or touch.

but your hardware is something that we can see and touch. hardware like your hard driver, your speakers, your monitor etc.. well, there's has to be an interface between the real world and the virtual work inside your computer, that's where the drivers come, they are software to interpret the 1's and 0's in your computer into human signals so we can hear and see. of course we can't touch but at least it gives us a 2 dimensional way to interact with the logical world in your computer.