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If you are visiting us on this page today, its probably because you want to know what does Client-Side mean?

well, we are going to explain exactly what it means.

Client-Side just means that whatever program is running, its running on your computer... yes, the exact computer you are using right now to read this page with your browser.

everytime you go to a webpage, you download a script, the script you downloaded from us is called HTML. HTML is a clien-side.

if you dont believe me, try it.

if you are using internet explorer, go to View on the top menu, then select: Source

if you are using a Mozilla browser, just hit Control + u on your keyboard

you will see all the source code that makes up this page. all that code, is what your browser needs to make this page. its like a recipe for you to view the page you see as now.

hope that helps.

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