Webmin is a useful domain control panel to host multiple domains very conveniently and easy to configure. Webmin offers an intuitive interface to add domains. This guide is to demonstrate how to add a domain name in Webmin.

To add a new domain name in Webmin:

  1. Login to Webmin as admin
  2. Navigate to the following selections: Servers: Bind Server
  3. Under DNS Zone > Create Master Zone
  4. Populate the following fields:
    1. Domain Name
    2. Zone Type
    3. Records File
    4. Master Server
    5. E-Mail
    6. IP Address
    7. Save Changes
  5. Now click on Edit master zone / Address Records. Populate the following fields
    1. Name
    2. IP Address
    3. Time-to-Live
    4. Update Reserve
  6. Next, add a virtual host. To do this go to Server/ Apache Server / Create Virtual Host - Populate the following fields:
    1. Port
    2. Document Root
    3. Server Name (Correct format is: www.example.com)
  7. Once you have populated all the required fields, save your settings by clicking on the apply button

Done. These are the most simple steps I can provide.