Solution: You are seing this error because you need to properly escape your code when using doublequotes or single quotes within parameters.

Question: I am getting an error in my Firefox Console. The error is:

SyntaxError: unexpected token: string literal

Solution: After looking at the code, you must escape your string using the proper method.


<button onclick="$(".myClass").hide()">Click Me To Hide</button>

the correct way is to use single quotes inside double quotes.

<button onclick="$('.myClass').hide()">Click Me To Hide</button>

Sometimes you may have complicated code where you are using something like this:

$('.myDiv').append('$('.myClass').hide()">Click Me To Hide</button>');

The correct way to escape example2:

$('.myDiv').append('$(\'.myClass\').hide()">Click Me To Hide</button>');

Hope that helps.