Error in UPLOAD_ARTIFACTS phase: InvalidParameter: 1 validation error(s) found.
- minimum field size of 1, PutObjectInput.Bucket.

I am taking the Udacity Full Stack Nanodegree and i am in project 5; Server Deployment, Containerization and Testing

If you are getting this error don't pay attention to it, your containers buckets will still work and you will pass the project just as long as the next command works:


kubectl get services simple-jwt-api -o wide

NAME             TYPE           CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP                       PORT(S)        AGE   SELECTOR
simple-jwt-api   LoadBalancer   10.100.212.xx   80:31412/TCP   38m   app=simple-jwt-api


NOTE: the xx will be your own

and then test the TOKE with the commands udacity gave you:

export TOKEN=`curl -d '{"email":"[email protected]","password":"password123"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST ${EXTERNALIP}/auth  | jq -r '.token'`

curl --request GET "${EXTERNALIP}/contents" -H "Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}" | jq