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Are you in need of a professional web site but working with a limited
budget? Work with one of our professional Web designers and build a
customized web site now starting at just $499.00. Simply select one of our
designs from over 50 professional styles and we'll work with you to build
your custom, yet affordable web site.

Our starting package includes the following:

· 8 page Custom Designed web site. (Other packages include more pages)
· We provide Custom Stock Photos for every page on the web site.
· An email form to allow user inquiries such as Contact Requests.
· Scrolling news window to display articles or related information.
· Animation is included such as fading and rotating text and images.
· Submission of the web site to the top 40 search engines.
· Current "Date" displayed along with "Quick Search" drop down menu.
· Site will be expandable for viewing in different resolution sizes.
· Free registration of your Web site address for one year.
· You own the web site once it is complete (Within 3 to 5 days).
· 3 month warranty which includes free changes to the web site.
· Custom rollover images for navigation.
· A copy of all files used to create the web site.