Localhost Blocked

Today December 23, 2016, i was working off line on my PC while working on a project. Then i connected to the internet. Of course, notron does automatic updates... then all fo the sudden while refreshing my browser i get this error:

Dangerous Website Blocked

I couldn't believe it. the error said:
Dangerous Website Blocked
You attempted to access:

This is a known dangerous website. it is recommended tat you do not visit this site. The detailed report explains the security risis on this site

for your protection, this website page has been blocked. visit symatec to learn more about phishing and internet security
exit this site
visit this web page anyway

when i click on the link, it does not provide any information, why doesn't norton just put an exception link. so now, every time i have to click on the stupid link to view my localhost, this is not going to work, as soon as i figure out a way to fix this, i will post here my friends.

I contacted the support for a solution. they told me to submit the website for evaluation.. i tried it, but guess what.. localhost 'is not a valid domain'..

i finally got frustrated with them because they were not giving me a solution. I am sure, more and more people are going to get annoyed by this and they will get overwhlemed by report and they will have to fix it, but for now, my only solution is to disable the Norton Security Toolbar on my browser.

i am using firefox, so just go to Tools > Add-ons

good luck