Run Laravel Project From Github Repository.

This simple steps will show you how to follow each step to clone a laravel project from a github repository so you can run it in your local computer.

  1. Open a terminal command console
  2. Clone the laravel project from Github
    $ git clone
  3. cd into the newly created folder:
    $ cd laravel9_inertia_vue_crud
  4. Run the composer installl command in your terminal
    $ composer install
  5. Install FrontEnd
    $ npm install
  6. Make a copy to create a .env file:
    $ cp .env.example .env
  7. Open project with Visual Code:
    $ code .
  8. Ope and Edit .env file:
  9. Make the appropriate configuration changes, Specially your database connection details.
  10. Run php artisan to generate a key
    $ php artisan key:generate
  11. Migrate the database
    $ php artisan migrate
  12. Run the PHP Server
    $ php artisan serve
  13. Run Vite Fronend server:
    $ npm run dev
  14. Open with browser: http://localhost:8000/
  15. Done