so you finally installed sublime 3 on your windows pc, how can you install pacakage control and install some packages?

very easy. the first step is to install package control,
the current website is:
NOTE: it would be a good idea to google 'package control' for the latest website

next, follow the instructions, the current version to install package control is to through the console by going to View > Show Console
then you will be asked to copy and paste some code and hit enter.

once you have entered the code and you code has completed, restart sublime,

you should have package control installed now, you can test it by hitting control + shift + p and type install, you should see the first results as
package control: install package

go ahead a select 'package control: install package' then another window will appear, now type whatever package you want to install

NOTICE at the bottom of sublime text, you will see a message installing.. wait for the installation to complete, restart sublime and you are done

Select Preferences → Package Control.
Select Remove Package
Enter the package you want to remove
Restart Sublime Text