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If you are a Webune customer and have a dedicated server, you know by now that you will have to backup your data sooner or later.

the easiest way to backup your data is by compacting. Linux offers many wayz to bundle your files and directories.

TIP: did you know that Microsoft Windows calls directories Folders? - In Linux/UNIX folder are called directories.

for the purpose of this tutorial, lets say i want to gzip all my web (/var/www/) directories and files all in one gzip file and i want to call my gzip file MyBackup.tar.gzip i can do that with the tar command like this:

change directory to the var directory where the www directory is found:
cd /var/

Now create the file:
tar -pczf MyBackup.tar.gzip www/

as you can see, zipping or taring is very easy. hope this tutorial has help you on taring and gziping your files and folders the easy way.