Add SSL to Cpanel Domain

To add Full (strict) SSL to a CloudFlare Domain hosting by Godaddy Cpanel which Encrypts end-to-end, but requires a trusted CA or Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on the server follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your CloudFlare Account
  2. Select the domain you wish to add SSL (
  3. Select SSL/TLS on the left menu
  4. Select Full (strict)
  5. Select "Orgin Server" from the left menu
    1. Click Create Certificate
    2. Select: Private Key Type: RSA 2048
    3. Hostnames: *,
    4. Certificate Validity: 15 years or your choice
    5. Click Create
    6. Copy and Paste the Origin and Private Encrypted code, you will need this for step 10.3 adn 10.4
  6. Try visting your site: you will see error: Error 526: Invalid SSL certificate
  7. Login to your Cpanel
  8. Select SSL/TLS under Security
  9. Log into your domain and click "Update Certificate" if you already have one, otherwise, select install Certificate
  10. Select the following options:
    1. Domain: (+ subdomains: autodiscover..")
    2. IP Address:
    3. Certificate (CRT) copy and paste from CloudFlare  Origin Certificate
    4. Private Key (KEY) copy and paste from CloudFlare  Encrypted Certificate
    5. Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) [LEAVE BLANK]
    6. Click "Install Certificate"
  11. Now try your website:
  12. Done

Hope that helps

here is a video that may help point you to the right direction: