for months now i have been working on my quiz app using ionic and angular. I am using git as my version control tool to keep track of my changes. So far its been great using GIT, however, i have come to a point in the project that its getting too large with commits, i would like to start fresh with a new repository but with only the last commit in my project. This is how i was able to accomplish my goal.

first, i need to clone only the last commit in my project with the following command:

$ cd /path/to/NEW/repository/

$ git clone --depth=1 /path/to/OLD/repository/

$ cd /path/to/NEW/repository/

$ npm install

DONE. that is all thats needed, very simple.

All this was because i got an error after i send the ionic serve command after step 2 of commands above. The error i got was:

v1> ionic serve
WARN: No node_modules directory found, do you need to run npm install?

> [email protected] ionic:serve F:\apachefriends\xampp\htdocs\angular2\ionic2\quiz\v2\v1
> ionic-app-scripts serve "--v2" "--address" "" "--port" "8100" "--livereload-port" "35729"

'ionic-app-scripts' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.