Today i was just testing some script with routing params and i could not find what the solution was. I have seen this error before and i always keep trying to remember what i did wrong. this im i am going to document this error here so in the future if i see this error in my angular code i will know what to do do.


error_handler.ts:59EXCEPTION: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Cannot find primary outlet to load 'PlayerComponent'
Error: Cannot find primary outlet to load 'PlayerComponent'
    at getOutlet (http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:91302:19) [angular]
    at ActivateRoutes.activateRoutes (http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:91135:47) [angular]
    at http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:91080:58 [angular]
    at Array.forEach (native) [angular]
    at ActivateRoutes.activateChildRoutes (http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:91080:29) [angular]
    at ActivateRoutes.activate (http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:91054:14) [angular]
    at http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:90622:22 [angular]
    at SafeSubscriber._next (http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:14454:21) [angular]
    at SafeSubscriber.__tryOrSetError (http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:62314:16) [angular]
    at (http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:62256:27) [angular]
    at Subscriber._next (http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:62207:26) [angular]
    at (http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:62171:18) [angular]
    at MapSubscriber._next (http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:91740:26) [angular]
    at (http://localhost:4201/main.bundle.js:62171:18) [angular]

so basically how i was able to fix this error was to add the following HTML code into my app.component.html file:


once i put this HTML code into my angular component HTML file, the error went away.