this sample shows you javascript in action by loading an HTML document in your browser. the script writes a line of text in the broser using javascript.

step 1. open your text editor (like notepad if you have windows)

step 2. copy and paste the following code into a blank notepad
<SCRIPT Language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">
document.write ("Hello World. This Is A Webune Script Written In Javascript!");

step3. save this file aswebune-javascript.html and open it with your web browser. you should see a single like of text that was written with Javascript

SUMMARY: in this small snippet. you coppied and pasted a section of code into a text editor and saved the file as webune-javascript.html when you opened the saved file in your web bnrowser, a line of text was displayed in the browser. this text ws written inthe browser windows using javascript. you will see more about how this type of script works if you practice and learn more about javascript.