i have a windows 7 computer and i get a big error after i reboot my pc and it says your computer was unable to start

startup is checking your system for problems

if problems are found, startup repair will fix them automatically, your computer might restart several times.

No changes will be made to your personal files or information. this might take several minutes

then it says, after i waited like 10 mintues

startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically

sending more information can help microsoft create solutions.

- send information about this problem (recommmended)
- Don't send

so when i click on 'view problem details' i get this;

problem signature
problem event name: startup repair offline
problem signature 1 -
problem signature 2 -
problem signature 3 - unknown
problem signature 4 - 89
problem signature 5 - autofailover
problem signature 6 - 1
problem signature 7 - bad driver
osversion - 6.1.7600.
locale id - 1033

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what can i do to fix this