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i forgot my root password now i dont know how im going to get my files back

do you keep a records or my password

our website is completely down right now and i have no idea what the password is for our server i just came to this company and the previous guy did not leave the root password and icant find it anywhere

can you please give me the password for us or can you tell me how i can retrieve my forgotten password

im going to be in big trouble if i dont get it soon
DISCLAIMER: By you continuing to read this how to guide, you are in agreement that you have permission to access your linux server. Use this information at your own risk, I take no liability for any contents of this post. this information should only be used to recover passwords from machines you have legal access to. If you use this informationt obreak or hack into someone else's systems, then I am not responsible for it. Also, you are advised to make any backups of your system before continuiing.

please note that you cannot perform this remotely, you must be physically at the machine.

1. the first step is to reboot server.

2. Since the server i inherit has GRUB, wait until the grub splash screen comes on and hit the letter 'e' on your keyboard. this will stop grub.

3. hit 'e' again and this will take you to another screen

4. you should see one of the choices has "kernel" select the one with "kernel

5. hit 'e' on your keyboard

6. type ' single' (make sure to include a space before "single") and hit enter. then enter 'b' to boot.

7. your system should boot up in single mode as root

8. now that you are logged in single mode you can chage the root password by sending this command:

9. after you have changed the root password, reboot server and you should be able to login with the new password.


LILO ----------------------------

1. If you have LILO, its different, fist reboot server and when you see the LILO: prompt type "linux single" and hit enter. this will log you in as root in single user mode.

2. Once booting is complete, you can change your password with this command:
and reboot server.


So u need to login as root.K.
First of all after loading grub u wil be seeing 2 names of linux.One is a normal one and the another is for safe mode.
1)Press e key while you are on normal one.
2)now u wil see kernel/....something as the second option.Press e on this also.
type linux init=/bin/sh.Now boot it
3)type cmd
mount -n -o remount,rw /
n hit enter.
again type this
mount -avt nonfs,noproc,nosmbfs
hit enter.
type passwd cmd.
Enter new passwd..
Press Alt+Ctrl+del.
By this u cant loose the previous files also..
feel free to mail if u hav any doubts...
thanks a lot man... :)
i want to khow my linux password in string format.the encrypted password is saved in \etc\shadow.the the password is saved in encryped form,so i want to convert the encrypted text in string format..???

so if anyone khow how to do this plz mail me the solution at!!!

gracias por ensenar como crackear contrasena deroot
me too expect me.. any body help us.....
como craccare password server linux qui la procedura cambia secondo la distribuzione
리눅스 crack show now please sir
how to recover linux root passwd
bruteforce it....
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