Flutter Create a Starter Application with Android Studio and VS Code

Create a Flutter Starter App

Follow these simple steps to generate a starter boilerplate/tample to start a Flutter project using VS Code.

I will be using a Windows 10 with Visual Studio

  1. Open VS Code V 1.4
  2. Go to Run > Command Pallete or Control + Shift + P
  3. Type: Flutter: New Project
  4. Enter the name of the project: Hello World

Command line

You can create an app using the terminal command line:

$ flutter create myapp
$ cd myapp

To start your app from localhost in Chrome, use the following from the top of the package:

$ flutter run -d chrome

To build the app:

$ flutter build web


The OUTPUT may look somehting like this:

All done!
In order to run your application, type:

  $ cd myapp
  $ flutter run

To enable null safety, type:

  $ cd myapp
  $ dart migrate --apply-changes

Your application code is in myapp\lib\main.dart.