Thinnet is a wiring scheme that uses a thin coaxial cable in an ethernet environment. it is capable of covering up to 590 feet (180 meters) and is not highly susceptible to noise interference. it transmits at 10Mbps megabits per second and can support up to 30 nodes per segment.

this is a type of coax cable you can use for networks its a thinner cable, like the one you find on your cable television. i hope this explained what a thin net cable is

look at the picture of a thinnet wire here

thinnet is use in LANs

easy to work with. a primary security consideration of coax-based network segment is reliabiltiy. thinnet is used for small networks because it is cheaper to install and maintain. however, it is less reliable than other alternatives. because coaxial cabling is used to implement bus topology networks, a fault could bring down the entire network.

thinnet also causes security problems because it is possible for anyone to tap into it and add an authorized device. since connections to the ntwork cannot be controlled with a switch or a hub, there i sno way to prevent unauthorized connections. an intruder can tap into the network with either a t-connector or vampire tap.

what else do you want to know about thinet?