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Im Getting Some Message Error On My Borwser That I Dont Know What It Means?
hi, just a quick question for you.

i visited this website and i was getting ready to buy something there but then i got some message on my internet explorer browser that said something about the connection not encrypted?
when trying to open email,it says internet explorer cannot display web page
what does sat error mean
youre connection to friendster is not encrypted
when tryin to post things off my games i cant and it says not encrypted. whats this mean?
w a r n i n g ! ! ! - r e a d * t h i s if you are going to a website and it gives you this message, you better stay away from that website and should not trust what it says. because a 3rd party can view your information, specially if you are sending personal information, it will not be encrypted, so you can lose your privacy. you should notify the site owner of this because this is a big security risk.
hello i keep getting the not encrypted page even on my facebook an my facebook games well i didnt know what it means an now after on facebook all day i tried get on after dinner it sent me a message said its leagal reasons for my facebook act being disabled block limited access meaning i only can see my wall but i cant post or comment on anything on there or threw my mobile facebook either.... is that due to me continuing on unencrypted pages? someone hacked my facebook maybe? i dont know who or what happen to it but it is the onky place all my life an family pictures are on there an i do not have them on my pc or no way getn them so what happened there? anyone tell me? please
it means the internet doesn't support the information or the connection / website doesn't you may be able to fix it by downloading a new flash player. hoped this helped. ~shell
if a connection is not encrypted... how do you encrypt or enable it?
when trying to open email,it say connection not encrypted
hello, when the message of the connection is not encrypted, this means that the web page you are trying to look at has not been certified as a general to computer networks and has technical issues. something may also be wrong with the website that you are trying to visit.
am havin' same problem, any way 2 solve it?
i m nt able to access my facebook..... but i want to access it nw nd its showing it is not encryptd... sooo how cn i open my facebook now???????????????????
same as kitty where is the answer?
i cant access my facebook,,
I am having the same problem. Cann anyone provide an answer?
hi , just add https:// at the beginning of URL. e.g. https://.
Im on my 3ds and my texting website says its not ecrypted!!Does that mean someone hacked me?!?PLEASE HELP!!
My tool bar says not encrypted? and my email turn all white when I go the second page but not all the time?????can I fix this myself? If so how? thanks
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