The standard today on web development is to minimized the users download.

one way to achieve a faster loading time to web pages, it so minimized files like css html and javascript.

javascript is the most poplular, may open source scripts will include a mininimzed and a normal file. however, there are times when you dont have a deminimized file and you just have to make it normal because you have a bug, its happens to all of us.

after i did some research, i found a really easy work out without having to install any additional software on your website or you server or no your workstation.

its very easy, there is a website called, you can write code, so Un-MINIMIZED just go to the javascript section, copy and paste the mimimized code. after you have pasted the code, you will noticed at the top of in the options, you will have a button to beautify. click on it, and it will unmiminzed your code.

for example, go to
click on example.js
copy and paste your code
then clck on the button with the check mark icon where it says 'beautify your code'
and you will see like magic, all the javascript code is beautiful.

hope this helpful tip helps.

Webune Web Development Team