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if you have got a PHP website from us, you know your plan comes included with a database.

you can use mysql to do many great things for your website. Today we are going to show you how you can query your database when you need to get in between your rows in a table

lets say for example i have this table

id username password
1 example88 *******
2 stewymo ********
3 darlin90 *****
4 tornni ****
5 xcelnn *********
6 myuser__00 **********

as you can see from my table, i have 6 entries in my users table, but i only want to get all the entries between 2 and 5, well its easy i will show you how, you can use the query as an example

$sql = "SELECT * FROM UsersTable WHERE id BETWEEN 2 AND 5";

you can also use it for updating:

$sql = "UPDATE UsersTable SET username 'whatever' WHERE id BETWEEN 2 AND 5";

or you can use to delete.. well, you get the idea

hope that helps