A Fatal Error Occurred Processing The Restoration Data

Getting This Error On My Windows 7 Computer That Says Your Computer Can't Come Out Of Hibernation A Fatal Error Occured Processing The Restoration Data


Mon Dec 14, 2009


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my computer went into hibernation, now when i try to start it i get this error:

Your computer can't come out of hibernation

Status: 0XC0000411

Info: A fatal error occured processing the restoration data

File: \hiberfil.sys

Any information that was not saved

before the computer went into hibernation wil be lost

i tried to fix it but it doesnt work. the only way to fix this is to shutdown your computer and reboot it.
i have the exact same problem...any solutions since it happens a couple times a day.
you might get this error is occasions where the memory was lost. if you lets say for example you put your computer in hybernation and then you replaced your hardware like your memory and then you boot the computer, you will see this error. it just means that you lost the memory or the hardware configuration is not the same as it was before hibernating
the restoration occurred when?
it happens everytime my computer hibernates